Law Firm Recruitment

Legal recruiting is a nuanced, specialized field. To ensure that your firm is hiring the best talent, it’s critical to partner with a search firm that understands the economics of law firm hiring, the nuances between legal practices and industry spaces, and the current legal marketplace.

At Cochran Cochran and Yale (CCY), we have experience representing law firms on a national level with a track record of proven success. We have the industry knowledge necessary to help you strategically build out your legal team and, ultimately, drive business.

In partnership with Talent Fuel, we initiate a thorough assessment process, evaluating culture, fit and performance. Through a bigger, better, faster model that’s available 24/7/365, we can identify the right legal professional candidate anywhere in the continental U.S.

Legal Recruiting Benefits

  • Better return from the hiring process
  • Stronger team members that improve business operations
  • Better ROI from recruitment
  • Low turnover

In-House Counsel Recruitment

Hiring outside counsel can be expensive. Deciding to in-source your legal team requires a clear strategy, and can help your organization dramatically reduce legal expenditures. In order to build out your legal department successfully, it’s vital to partner with a search firm that understands your organization’s specific legal concerns and challenges, as well as the evolving legal landscape.

CCY has over 40 years of extensive work experience representing several industries, which makes them unique. These industries include financial services, banking, energy, healthcare and real estate.

Recruiting Legal Professionals

Successful legal departments – or law firms – require an effective support staff. In addition to our attorney recruiting practice, we also represent organizations seeking talented legal staff, such as paralegals, patent agents, business development managers, and compliance professionals, among other titles.

Cost of Non-Compliance

Compliance is one of the most important functions within financial services organizations, yet it is severely undervalued by leadership within some of the world’s largest corporations. Since the financial crisis of 2008, banks globally have paid fines exceeding $320B for a variety of regulatory failings. If your organization doesn’t have a well-supported compliance function, you’re left open to legal risks and huge financial penalties.

Value of Compliance

Investing in compliance professionals may seem like a staffing cost initially, but will actually result in cost savings long-term. Experienced compliance officers will be able to navigate your organization successfully through the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, mitigating risk and reducing expenditure on legal counsel. In addition to these benefits, shareholders of organizations with built-out compliance departments can rest assured that their investment is safe. Not all regulatory fines are earth shattering, but the effect an infraction can have on shareholders has the ability to bring any organization to a screeching halt.

Compliance Recruitment

Compliance is a highly specialized field, requiring recruiters to possess deep knowledge of the regulatory requirements that specifically impact your organization in order to identify qualified talent. We understand that organizations have differing compliance priorities based on business needs and size, and we tailor our recruitment strategy for each client accordingly.

  • CCY speaks the language of compliance professionals and understands the regulations that affect financial services organizations, banks, and more
  • Recruits compliance professionals at all levels, from chief compliance officer at multinational institutions to compliance managers at regional banks

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