Branding isn’t just the latest buzzword. It’s the oldest marketing tactic there is. Creating a feeling or meaning behind a company or product has always been the fastest way to success. In competitive hiring markets, branding is simply being directed towards potential employees at the same time as potential customers. It’s smart business.
Here’s why:

You have to use every tool in your box

You can offer the strongest compensation package, most valuable benefits and coolest workplace, but it won’t mean nearly as much if your candidates don’t also have a good impression of your company’s brand.


It works

Seeing your company as a great place to work is twice as likely to be linked to job consideration as seeing you as simply being a great company. Investment in employer brand is good business even if you already have positive overall brands.


It deepens and widens your talent pool

Professionals under 40 years old are 61 percent more likely to associate employer brand with job consideration. And outside of the US, the correlation between employer brand and job consideration is 37 percent stronger.


You actually don’t have a choice
Companies don’t create brands. The public does. How you bring products or services to market to satisfy people’s needs brands you more than a logo, tagline, or color scheme. It’s that brand your potential employees see and feel when they consider working for you. Make sure your brand attracts the right employees not just the right customers.