Program Details

Outplacement support equips candidates with personalized guidance, resources and career resiliency, while positioning them as strong competitors in today’s dynamic marketplace. CCY’s Career Transition Services is designed to be flexible to any company’s separation needs including scale and level of employee. To provide this support, each program includes individual guidance from a certified career coach, personalized career search website, and access to CCY’s job search expertise and extensive employment network.

Company Benefits

Cost Savings: Reduce unemployment costs significantly
Liability Protection: Protect from creating disgruntled displaced employees with ongoing career support
Employee Engagement: Maintain morale with surviving employees and increase productivity knowing displaced staff are transitioned rather than exited.
Key Talent Retention: Create positive internal image for remaining key staff and high performers help maintain company loyalty.
Employment Brand: Build strong external image for time, money and efforts on making sure former employees found other employment or enhance skills

Why CCY?

35+ years in career management services
Trusted experts in the placement field providing security for both company and individual
Unsurpassed job market knowledge and employment network to expedite transition results
Industry leader in ethics and integrity