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Cochran, Cochran & Yale’s President, Shawn Baker has recently been quoted in two Rochester Business Journal Articles.  Please use the links below to read these interesting articles.   Leadership, planning crucial for managing a crisis   Applicant interviewers must work to neutralize their biases        


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    Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. Donald Trump. It’s safe to say that sexual harassment is in the national spotlight currently, and rightfully so. It’s about time these issues were brought to light, and the perpetrators brought to justice. With increasing media attention, though, also comes increased scrutiny within organizations. How can business leaders correct… Read more »

MANAGING MILLENNIALS: Getting The Most Out Of Your Gen Y Employees

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   Every generation has its hallmarks. Unfortunately, millennials have the unique distinction of being the first generation in recorded history to perform worse than their parents financially. Not to mention, this age bracket receives a lot of bad press, with stereotypes ranging from entitlement to social ineptitude. However, business leaders must understand that hiring millennials… Read more »

Personal Performance & Development

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  Are you tired of being passed over for promotions? Do you find that you’re not receiving that raise or bonus this year? Do you want to hone your leadership skills, increase performance and overcome setback? Are you simply looking for a clearer path to advancement? Recognizing your limitations can be challenging. Most development and… Read more »

CORPORATE CULTURE: Defining, Controlling, and Maintaining a Culture of Success

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  What Is Corporate Culture? Corporate culture is a complex concept defined by the intersection of employees’ beliefs and behaviors, which in turn define how organizational members interact within the work environment. While corporate culture is cumulative and dynamic, consisting of the collective behaviors and personalities of all individuals, it is possible – and advised… Read more »

Executives Rank Talent Management Among the Top Priorities, Finds Survey Conducted by HR Certification Institute and Dow Jones

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    ALEXANDRIA,  Va.,  October  31, 2017 –    Finding   and  keeping  the  right  talent  is critical to financial success yet remains a challenge, finds  new  research  from  HR Certification  Institute ® (HRCI ®), conducted by Dow Jones Customer Intelligence, the research arm of the  Wall  Street Journal. Of the 300 C-suite executives who participated in… Read more »

Over-Automated Recruitment Process is Leaving Candidates Frustrated

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    September 21, 2017 – Eighty two percent of potential employees are often frustrated with an overly automated job search experience, according to a new study by Randstad US. The survey, which examined job seekers’ perceptions, attitudes and expectations of the job search process, revealed that while most candidates find value in technology, they are stymied when… Read more »

PERSONAL BRAND EQUITY: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Presence

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Developing a strong personal brand is vital for career advancement, instilling confidence within your team, and building credibility within your industry space – among other advantages. Like corporations, individuals must build and maintain a brand that aligns past experiences, future expectations, and core areas of expertise in order to stand apart from the competition. How… Read more »

Benefits of Measuring Culture

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  Make better hires: An informed interviewer will not only understand your organization’s corporate culture, but will also know which questions to ask during interviews to best determine a candidate’s cultural fit. Ensure alignment from day one: Determine which of your staff members are champions for your branding and corporate strategy. Who on your team… Read more »

Leader Board #8

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How to plan for, attract, develop and retain great performers   Welcome to the eighth issue of The Leader Board. In this issue we look at the upcoming Fall 2017 recruitment trends and the possibility of a potential hiring boom!  Also, we are sharing a professional development article titled Top Business Leaders & Athletes Learn to… Read more »

Top Business Leaders Learn to Shift Awareness to Maximize Performance

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As I have explained in this previous post regarding my work as a licensed psychologist with high-level athletes, awareness and focus are critical. Those same mental skills serve the leadership skills of the exceptionally performing business leaders I work with as well. Let’s drill a little deeper into how the performance abilities of both groups align.

It takes more than money to attract Millennials.

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52% of Millennials surveyed value the opportunity for progress above all else.* College graduates just looking for any job or a first step on the corporate ladder are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Millennials say they want their work to be meaningful and, even more than money, they want to gain new skills… Read more »

Development means something different to Millennials.

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51% of Millennials surveyed say feedback should be frequent or continual.* As Millennials make up a growing part of modern workforces, companies have to take a fresh look at leadership development practices. Many companies spend the majority of training and development budgets on the highest layers of their organization. Shifting your development strategy to include… Read more »

Millennials as part of a multigenerational workforce.

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74% of Millennials surveyed say they are as comfortable working with other generations as their own.* While most millennials are happy working alongside other generations, they do recognize tensions. 38% feel that older senior management does not easily relate to younger workers and 34% feel their personal drive could be intimidating to other generations. These… Read more »

The secret to success in times of change.

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Some companies handle turbulent times well. Some people handle stress and change well. Here’s a secret. Those companies hired, developed and hold on to those employees. Here are 8 ways you can help build a more resilient team:

Why do companies care so much about their employee brand?

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Branding isn’t just the latest buzzword. It’s the oldest marketing tactic there is. Creating a feeling or meaning behind a company or product has always been the fastest way to success. In competitive hiring markets, branding is simply being directed towards potential employees at the same time as potential customers. It’s smart business. Here’s why:

Do you give good feedback?

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Guttman Development Strategies, led by Howard M. Guttman, is a partner of CCY and focused on helping clients become high performance organizations. One of the key strategies to accomplishing this is providing good performance feedback.

Whether it’s a team member providing feedback to a supervisor, or the more traditional top-down performance review, Gutman recommends the same approach:

10 Life Tips from Top Athletes

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You may not need to clear the high jump, land perfectly on the beam, or expertly perform the butterfly stroke, but the same tips Olympians use, can put you out in front at work. Recently, published an article of great ones called “10 Olympic Athletes’ Daily Habits You Should Steal (That Don’t Involve the Gym).” Here is the gist:

You can shine even if you’re shy

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Ask a veteran salesperson how they can summon the will to put themselves out there every day, and the answer will reassure even the shyest networker. Sales people are confident because they know they doing their prospects a favor. They have solutions to other people’s needs. This is what we all need to remember when networking, especially the shyest of us. Here are a few other tips:

How to craft a killer resume

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The first eyes on your resume are probably going to be electronic. But final hiring decisions are going to be made by actual people. It’s critical to craft your resume to stop both automated scanning systems and real live managers in their tracks. Here are some key things to consider:

Develop — Build teams to take action

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Guttman Development Strategies is a strategic partner of CCY focused on helping clients become high performance organizations. One of the key strategies to accomplishing this is distributed decision making.

The Leader Board Issue #2

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How to plan for, attract, develop and retain great performers Welcome to the second issue of The Leader Board.  This is where you will find important learnings we have gathered while delivering leadership advisory services to our clients.

Finding the best-fit leaders, equipping them to succeed

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Rochester Business Journal, August 12, 2016 – Cochran, Cochran & Yale at its core is an executive search firm. But in today’s evolving economy, clients are asking for more than resumes to review. CCY provides clients a proven, data-supported search process that emphasizes culture fit and capabilities.

The Leader Board

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Cochran, Cochran & Yale - The Leader Board

How to plan for, attract, develop and retain great performers Welcome to the first issue of The Leader Board. We want to regularly share with you important learnings we’ve gathered as we’ve delivered leadership advisory services to our clients.